30 Day Multiple Pill Cutter

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Our Story

The inventor of the Multiple Pill Cutter is Puthalath K. Raghuprasad MD, a practicing physician .  He was motivated by the hardship he observed in the elderly, who are often forced to ration their expensive drugs.  One strategy they employ is to cut pills in halves so that they can save some money.  At the time the inventor conceived the idea, there were only single-pill cutters available.  He set out to devise a pill cutter that would neatly cut the pills into halves, with less effort and with improved ease of loading and, cut enough pills to last a whole month.  The result was this simple device.


Photo of 30 Day Multiple Pill Cutter device

Simple to use!

Cut 15 pills for month's supply.

Easiest to load, faster operation.

Stainless steel blades.

Blade-shield for your safety.