30 Day Multiple Pill Cutter

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“Dr. Raghu, I knew if you invented this Multiple 30 Day Pill Cutter it would be nothing short of perfect. Thank you. I use it to cut several different size pills from large to tiny and it always works perfectly. I place each pill correctly in the pockets and slowly yet firmly press down. I get great results every time. It is so handy to be able to cut several pills at once. I have arthritis and this cutter is a lot easier on my joints. I highly recommend this product. "

 Donna Byrd (verified customer)



“The 30 Day Pill Cutter works incredibly well, regardless of the size of the pills, it cuts easily and cleanly.

 At first I pushed the lid down quickly with moderate force, with the result that some of the pills moved, which meant that many of them were not cut in half and some were not cut at all, especially the smaller pills.   I knew you  (Dr. Raghuprasad) would not create something that would not work correctly.   So, when I received the refills on my pills, I tried the pill cutter again.  This time, I brought the lid down gently, trying not to let the pills move, and pressed the lid down firmly.  Every pill was cut in half.  I tried two more times with different sizes of pills and got the same result.

 This pill cutter is so easy to use now that I press the lid down slowly and firmly.  This works better than any other pills cutter that I have ever used.  I will no longer bite my pills in half!   This is a device one should have if they have to cut any pills in half.  Thank you for inventing such a wonderful device!”

It gets Five Stars from me!

 Paul Cosand (verified customer)



"I  was   slow  in   using   this  product   when  my  daughter bought   it   for me,   because  at  my age  I  am  just  not  good with  change.   But  when  I  finally  used  the   Multiple  30  Day  Pill  Cutter,  it  saved  me  so  much  time  and  effort  that  I  wish  I  hadn't  hesitated  using  it.   It  is  easy  to  use  and a  great  time  saver  for  those  of  us  who  have  to  cut  pills on  a  monthly  basis.   Most  importantly,  it  is  very  well  made   and  safe  to  use.   I  am  very  grateful  that  this product  exists   and   I  highly  recommend it." 

Five out of Five Stars ! 

 Sofia Trevino (verified customer) 








Photo of 30 Day Multiple Pill Cutter device

Simple to use!

Cut 15 pills for month's supply.

Easiest to load, faster operation.

Stainless steel blades.

Blade-shield for your safety.